Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge is an American psychedelic rock band that struck 1967-1970 in particular with time and excessive musical cover versions.

Its members included keyboardist and vocalist and bassist Tim Bogert landmark of Long Iceland and guitarist Vince Martell, and drummer Carmine Appice from New York.

The New York music producer George Morton heard the still unknown rock band Vanilla Fudge during their performances between December 1966 and April 1967 at the Action House on Long Iceland. In April 1967, he gave them a record deal with Atco Records. In Ultra Sonic Studio an epic version of the Supremes hit You Keep Me Hangin 'On, which immediately reached rank 6 of the U.S. singles chart was created in one take. During lean cover versions often heavily to the original, but in this case the original was barely recognizable yet. The recorded in mono track was extended to 6:47 min and slowed down to slow motion, as the original tempo was reduced to half. The psychedelic sound with a neo-classical organ score and sitar passages alienated the original beyond recognition. The shortened to 2:50 min single version was published on 2 June 1967 and attracted worldwide attention. The eponymous debut LP Vanilla Fudge came in August 1967, the market, the second LP The Beat Goes On 2 February 1968. LP This is remarkable, because in it are to hear a Mozart two original adaptations of Beethoven and as well as a nightmarish history collage with historic voices ( Truman, Hitler, Chamberlain, Bible, Churchill) and current references ( Black Panthers, Vietnam, Weathermen, Acid - culture). The Beat Goes On was with The Velvet Underground & Nico of the most dramatic musical expression of that young Beat Generation. Renaissance of June 1968 was the last produced by Morton for the group album. From the albums singles were like Take Me For a Little While (published in September 1968 ) or Season of the Witch ( November 1968 ) decoupled. The sequel to Take Me For A Little While was a cover of Evie Sands - original ( September 1965 ) with a very similar sound, but the text said the opposite of the title from.

Vanilla Fudge was the second known band by the Doors, who emerged with a dominant Hammond organ as a trademark. Landmark lavaartige Keyboard outbreaks affected in the following years several groups whose popularity lasted longer than that of Vanilla Fudge himself: Deep Purple, The Nice, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Uriah Heep or Atomic Rooster. In a video interview Jon Lord admitted that Deep Purple for their debut LP, Shades of Deep Purple, the concept of Vanilla Fudge exactly copied: The massive organ and hardly wiederzuerkennende foreign compositions, including two songs by the Beatles.

The band broke up in 1970 for the first time. Bogert & Appice had agreed with guitarist Jeff Beck collaboration, but which could not be adhered to, as Beck was unable to attend due to a car accident. The already completed contracts were fulfilled by the band Cactus. This was followed by several Reunions, but in each case were of short duration. Among other things, it was the 1984 studio album Mystery.

1999 saw the reunion. In the occupation Carmine Appice (drums ), Tim Bogert (bass guitar), Teddy Rondinelli ( electric guitar ) and Bill Pascali (keyboards), the band toured in Europe. Two concerts of which were published as a limited live CD. 2007 another live CD of the Germany tour was released: Good Good Rockin ' - Live @ Rockpalast. In June 2007, the band released in the original cast album Out Through the In Door, which consists entirely of cover versions of songs by the band Led Zeppelin. 2014, the band - again with Mark Stein on keyboards, but with Pete Bremy instead of Tim Bogert on bass - again in Germany and other European countries on tour.


Studio albums

  • While The World What Eating Vanilla Fudge [as The Pigeons ] (1966 )
  • Vanilla Fudge (1967 )
  • The Beat Goes On (1968 )
  • Renaissance ( 1968)
  • Near the Beginning ( 1969)
  • Rock & Roll ( 1970)
  • Mystery ( 1984)
  • Vanilla Fudge 2001 / The Return / Then And Now - newly recorded old tracks and three new songs (2002)
  • Out Through the In Door - Led Zeppelin Covers ( 2007)

Live Albums / Compilations

  • Star Collection (1974 )
  • Two Originals (1976 )
  • Best of Vanilla Fudge (1982 )
  • The Best of Vanilla Fudge Live ( Alive - Back on Stage ) ( 1991)
  • Concert Collection [ Live] (1993 )
  • Psychedelic Sundae: The Best of Vanilla Fudge (1993 )
  • Hits (1997)
  • People Get Ready (2001)
  • The Return - Live in Germany Part 1 ( 2003)
  • The Real Deal Live (2003)
  • Rocks the Universe - Live in Germany Part 2 ( 2003)
  • Good Good Rockin ' - Live @ Rockpalast (2007)
  • Orchestral Fudge Live (2008)
  • When Two Worlds Collide Live (2008)