Cactus (Band)

Cactus is an American blues-rock band that emerged from the rhythm section of Vanilla Fudge in 1969. Cactus plays a fierce blues rock, which already contained many patterns of Hard Rock.

Tim Bogert (bass) and Carmine Appice (drums) wanted to start with Jeff Beck a new project, but had Beck in 1970 a serious car accident and was not available. Therefore, the two founded together with Jim McCarty (guitar) and Rusty Day (vocals, harmonica), the band Cactus. Later were Werner Fritz Ching (guitar ), Tim Bogert (later Norbert Lange) ( bass) Peter French ( vocals), and Duane Hitchings (keyboards) after redeployment band members.

1972 Bogert and Appice left Cactus to form with the fit-again Beck, the trio Beck, Bogert & Appice. With Roland Robinson (bass, vocals), Jerry Norris (drums, vocals) and Mike Pinera (guitar, vocals) survived the group as New Cactus band only a short time and eventually broke up in 1973 on.

Bogert & Appice are again today with Vanilla Fudge go. Rusty Day was shot on March 6, 1982 along with his 12 - year-old son Russell and his manager by a burglar.

After a decades- long hiatus, the band appeared in June 2006 at two shows in New York and at the Sweden Rock Festival in Norje again. The band consisted again of the original members Appice, Bogert and McCarty; as a singer came the former singing at Savoy Brown Jimmy Kunes joined the band. In the same year the group also released a new album called " Cactus V".


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