The abbreviation VD stands for:

  • The Canton of Vaud (French Vaud ) in Switzerland
  • The Verkställande Direktör. A Verkställande Direktör conducts the business of a Swedish corporation. His position is similar to a CEO in Germany or the CEO in the Anglo- Saxon countries.
  • The RPG Maker game Vampires Dawn.
  • The computer program VirtualDub
  • Different; in the tax card called it (until 2004), that the person no, or non-allocable uplifting religious group is associated, so that no church payroll tax is levied. ( As of 2005, replaced by the abbreviation " -")
  • Venereal disease, Eng. for venereal disease
  • Vacuum DEGASING Presto ®, a method for steel casting
  • Positive or negative vertical divergence in the Strabismus, the higher or lower level ( squint ) of an eye
  • The Constitutional Service of the Austrian Federal Chancellery
  • Venerabilis dominus, Latin for " venerable sir "
  • Undergraduate
  • Visit dictavit et, Latin for " he has visited and said"
  • Transport services ( journal ), a legal journal for traffic law
  • The U.S. television series Vampire Diaries
  • Cambodia after the ICAO code

VD as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Worcester
  • Netherlands: trucks with a weight up to 3,5 t
  • Norway: Trondheim in the province of Sør-Trøndelag
  • Austria: Diplomatic Corps in Vorarlberg
  • Switzerland: Canton of Vaud ( Vaud )
  • Slovakia: export number plates (yellow Features: second group of letters )
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