The Strike Fighter Squadron 83, abbreviation VFA- 83 is a fighter-bomber squadron of the United States Navy. Since the year 1988, it is equipped with the fighter-bomber McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 and is currently one of the Carrier Air Wing Seven on the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN -69). On February 1, 1951 VFA -83 was established as a reserve fighter squadron VF -916. On February 4, renamed the fighter squadron VF -83 took place. From 1 July 1955, the squadron was reorganized into a bomber squadron and received the designation VA -83. Since March 3, 1988 Eighty Three is a fighter-bomber squadron (VFA -83).


The Rampagers the fighter-bomber squadron flying F/A-18C the. With the other members and squadrons of Carrier Air Wing 17 ( Squadron 17 ) which form twelve Hornets with your twelve officers and 172 enlisted degrees, flying them and wait a central, powerful component of modern combat group.

From 1950 to 1953, the Association was nicknamed The Roaring Bulls, since 1957, he calls himself Rampagers.


The origins of VFA -83 date back to the reserve fighter squadron 916 (VF -916 ), which was activated as a direct result of the entry of the USA into the Korean War in July 1950. Site was home to the Naval Air Station (NAS) Squantum, as their aircraft tail code contributed the letter " Z".

Shortly thereafter, VF -916 was relocated to NAS Oceana and established in September 1948 CVG -8 assumed. The time now as VF -83 designated squadron flew in this period, the F4U Corsair, F9F -5 Panther and the F7U Cutlass from the aircraft carriers Saipan ( CVL -48 ), Midway ( CV-41 ) and Coral Sea (CV- 43).

1955, the squadron was renamed and reclassified into the attack squadron VA -83. In 1957 she received the A-4 Skyhawk as the fourth season of the U.S. Navy. During this time the Rampagers operated by the carriers Essex (CV -9), Forrestal (CV -59 ), from the Shangri -La (CV -38) and by the John F. Kennedy (CV -67).

In 1966, VA -83 moved to their new home base NAS Cecil Field in Florida. As part of CVW -1 VF -83 was the last squadron that flew the A- 4 of the John F. Kennedy (CV -67). In the same year, the squadron was switched to the A-7 Corsair. In January 1971 VF -83 was placed under the CVW -17, which was stationed on the Forrestal (CV- 59). This was followed by very successful years, including the first use of the A- 7E and more than 14 Mediterranean deployments.

On June 5, 1987 left VA -83 Cecil Field 22 Mediterranean deployment and flew for the last time the A-7 Corsair. On their return began with the conversion to the Hornet. On 1 March 1988 VA -83 was renamed VFA -83 ( fighter-bomber squadron 83). In the summer of 1990, VFA- 83 on the Saratoga (CV -60) was stationed in the Red Sea and participated in operations Desert Storm / Shield. VFA -83 was involved in this time of 43 long-range missions over Kuwait and Iraq. 1996 Rampagers were transferred to the Enterprise (CVN -65) and participated in the operations Decisive Endevaor and Southern Watch. The Rampagers was also nominated in the best F/A-18-Staffel the United States Navy.

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Home deployments

1 NAAS Oceanan was renamed NAS Oceana on April 1, 1952

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Assigned aircraft types

1 The term A4D -2N was changed in 1962 in A- 4C.