VisiCorp was a software company that brought the world's first spreadsheet program, VisiCalc on the market.

VisiCorp Software was founded in 1976 by ​​Dan Fylstra founded under the name of staff. Fylstra ran the company while studying at Harvard Business School in Cambridge (Massachusetts ). In 1978 the company took over the sales of Micro Chess, a chess program which, since December 1976 by Micro -Ware Ltd. was offered for various microcomputer and took its developer, Peter Jennings, the company. It funded the development of the first spreadsheet for microcomputers, the software was programmed by Dan Bricklin Arts and Bob Frankston under the company name (company). VisiCorp received the distribution rights for this product, created the instructions and took it in October 1979 on the market. The headquarters was moved to Silicon Valley in California in early 1979 of Massachusetts.

In 1982, the company of the company was changed due to the huge success of VisiCalc in VisiCorp. Another product of VisiCorp, Visi On was released in December 1983. VisiOn was one of the first GUI for personal computers. Management errors and an expensive court case with software arts led from the end of 1983 to increasing losses that eventually by Control Data Corporation led to the collapse and subsequently lead to the acquisition of the company in 1984.