Vivacious Lady

Vivacious Lady is a screwball comedy starring Ginger Rogers and James Stewart from the year 1938. Was directed by George Stevens.


Peter Morgan is a shy teacher of botany at the college town Old Sharon. One day Peter is sent with the order to New York, his fun-loving brother Keith to get back to the bosom of the family. Instead of his uncle brings Peter at the end of a wife back home: the nightclub singer Francey Brent. The shock to the families and the entire teaching staff runs deep. General looking from the base of the intellectual superiority down on the Tingeltangelkünsterin. Especially Mr. Morgan moves heaven and earth to rescue his beloved son from the clutches of this vamps. In an interview he has Francey bluntly pointed out how damaging the connection for Peters would be more career. In the end, Peter is finally a heart and has his domineering father in his place.


George Stevens took over in April 1937, work on the first solo project of Ginger Rogers, which became known since 1933, especially on the side of Fred Astaire as part of the dancing canvas pair. The disease of James Stewart resulted in a rotary operator to mid-December 1937. Meanwhile, Fay Bainter originally used and Donald Crisp were Beulah Bondi and Charles Coburn replaced. The plans of the studios to replace junior James Stewart by Douglas Fairbanks, however, were thwarted by Stevens and Rogers.

The plot has some overlap with the Joan Crawford film Burning fire of passion, also from 1938, on. In both films, a confident young woman from the big city comes with a hasty marriage contracted in a completely different society with its own rules and fixed hierarchies. While Ginger Rogers has to set against the reservations of her in-laws to defend, Joan Crawford has to do with the dominant older sister of her husband. The film historian Jeannine Basinger refers to these constellations, the frequent productions in the 1930s and 40s shows up as "Female Initiation Movies ," in which the heroine needs to find numerous forms of resistance in a completely foreign environment for them to himself only.


At the Academy Awards in 1939, the film received nominations in the categories

  • Best Camera
  • Best Sound