Penny Serenade

  • Cary Grant: Roger Adams
  • Beulah Bondi: Miss Oliver
  • Edgar Buchanan: Applejack Carney
  • Eva Lee Kuney: Trina, six years old
  • Leonard Willey: Dr. Hartley
  • Wallis Clark: Judge
  • Walter Soderling: Billings

Serenade (OT: Penny Serenade ) is an American film from 1941 with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant in the Hautptrollen. It was directed by George Stevens. Cary Grant was awarded for his performance as an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. It was the third and last joint appearance of the two stars.


Julie Gardiner Adams is on the verge of separation from her husband Roger Adams. She wants to leave the shared home and hears the last time the songs from their record collection. About this songs she remembers their life together with Roger. First, the first meeting in a record store, where Roger the clerk Julie buys numerous plates, not to have heard without a large number previously. On New Years Eve Roger comes very late to the party and Julie's friend Applejack is already suspicious of whether Roger is the right partner for them. When he still comes, Roger has exciting news: He receives the dreamed body of his newspaper correspondent in Japan and still have to leave the same night. Roger makes Julie to marry him and she be married before his departure. Three months after the departure of her husband, Julie also travels to Japan.

1923 is haunted by the catastrophic earthquake Taishō Tokyo and the surrounding area. Julie has a miscarriage. The couple return home to the U.S. and Julie gets the message that she can never bear a child again. Roger is at that time editor of a small-town newspaper and the pair makes an attempt to adopt a child. This is difficult because the newspaper is in financial trouble. However, Miss Oliver from the adoption agency helps them with success in the adoption of Trina. At the age of six years Trina dies suddenly. The marriage of Julie and Roger is about to divorce. Especially Roger becomes increasingly isolated. Julie hears one last time the common favorite song " Penny Serenade". When she wants to go, Miss Oliver calls and informs Julie that she has a two- year-old boy up for adoption for them. The couple are reconciled again.


After joint appearances in the Srewball Comedies The Awful Truth and My Favorite wife Irene Dunne and Cary Grant were established as a performer slightly frivolous comedies. Serenade showed the two actors as doom -ridden marriage people who stay together despite numerous problems. In the following years there were several possible follow-up projects to get Dunne and Grant again before the camera, most recently in only my wife's sake, but prevented especially the unwillingness of Irene Dunne, get their name from the called by Grant second, a follow-up project.

1944 Irene Dunne repeated her role on the popular radio show "Lux Video Theatre" with Joseph Cotten as a partner.


Variety, the leading industry publication, had kind words, especially for the female star:

"The film marks the return of Miss Dunne on the canvas after an extended holiday which may serve best as a proof of what it is for a star still. In the role of not just the wealthy publisher of a small-town newspaper is omitted and serious and plays the sentimental passages with restraint. She had more exciting roles, but not demanded such an emotion. "

In addition, recent reviewers praised the sensitive treatment of the subject:

" A sensitive drama of strong emotion; Despite the serious subject with some humorous moments. "


The film was accompanied by a nomination for the Academy Awards in 1942:

  • Best Actor - Cary Grant