The Voalavoanala ( Gymnuromys roberti ) is a mouse -like rodent species of the subfamily of Madagascar rats ( Nesomyinae ). The species lives only in eastern Madagascar.

Voalavoanalas show superficial similarities with domestic rats, with which they are however not closely related. Their fur is dyed black gray at the top, the bottom is much brighter, white or yellow. The long tail is sparsely hairy and appear naked, he is colored light as well on the top and dark at the bottom. Characteristic of the style are the broad feet with the relatively long fifth toe. These animals can reach a body length 13-17 cm, a tail length of 15 to 18 centimeters and a weight of 73-124 grams.

Habitat of Voalavoanalas are forests 500-1800 m above sea level, they keep on exclusively on the ground. They are primarily nocturnal, during the day they retire to burrows, which consist of a 1 meter long tunnel and a small chamber. Their diet consists of seeds and fruits.

About the propagation Little is known, pregnant females - each with two embryos - were caught in June and July.

Due to the progressive destruction of their habitat and competition by introduced rats Voalavoanalas by the IUCN are listed as threatened ( vulnerable ).