Vocalion Records

Vocalion Records was a record label that was founded in 1916 in New York. Among the many notable productions of Vocalion also the two recording sessions Robert Johnson in 1936 and 1937.


In 1916, the New York-based company Aeolian Piano Company started production of phonograph and the same time founded the record label Vocalion Records.

Vocalion used a red-brown shellac mixture that visually stood out from the usual black patches. The company's advertising suggested that their " red plates " which are best ( Vocalion Red Records are best ) and lasted longer ( Red Records last longer ).

Vocalion 1925 by Brunswick Records was bought. During the 1920s Vocalion started to produce so-called "Race Records ", which aimed at the African American market.

In April 1930 Brunswick was sold to Warner Bros.. In December 1931, the American Record Corporation was granted a license to Brunswick. 1938 Vocalion was a trademark of Columbia Records. 1940 was the end of Vocalion.

In the 1950s Vocalion was revived by Decca Records to distribute old productions. Since 1997, produced with historical photographs from the period 1920-1970 under the label Vocalion CDs.