Volga Region

Povolzhye or Volga Region (Russian Поволжье, literally, on the Volga ) is a Russian landscape, which extends along or near the middle and lower Volga and economically oriented towards the Volga.


Geographically also areas of the upper Volga are sometimes to be counted for Povolzhye, lying between the Volga sources and the mouth of the Oka in the Volga.


In historical terms we distinguish the following four regions of the Povolzhye:

  • Region Lower Povolzhye
  • Region Middle Povolzhye
  • Region Pokamje
  • Bashkortostan


The region includes the Lower Povolzhye Oblast Saratov, Volgograd Oblast, Astrakhan Oblast and the Autonomous Republic of Kalmykia.

The region includes the Middle Povolzhye Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan, the Ulyanovsk Oblast, Penza Oblast and the Samara Oblast.