On2 VP6 True Motion ( fourcc: VP60, VP61 or VP62 ) is a proprietary video format for lossy compressed video data and associated video codec. It is an incarnation of True Motion, developed by On2 Technologies series of video formats and related video codec.

VP6 is authorized for personal, non-commercial use. libavcodec is a custom decoder for the format.

VP6 is the standard video format Flash 8 and should be used as the default video format for China's Enhanced Versatile Disc ( EVD ).


On 12 May 2003 On2 announced the release of VP6. Revised versions 6.1 and 6.2 followed later the same year. Since October 2003, VP6 may be used free for personal use.

In August 2005, VP6 was selected by Macromedia as a new standard video format for Flash 8 and Flash Video container format ( FLV).

To beginning of March 2006 appeared on the software development platform SourceForge, a free decoder for the format to ( libvp62 ), there was, however, soon removed at the insistence of On2 for alleged copyright infringement. First, it was unclear whether the code by ( legal ) reverse engineer came about or was derived directly from possibly stolen original code of On2. Having no official statement from On2 was to get, was such a provoked by the code has been re-released on rarewares.org. In the following years it became clear that the code probably goes back to the publication of a study published by On2 for demonstration purposes Java version of the decoder, which was decompiled, what is possible with relatively simple Java bytecode. This allows also alleged by On2 great similarity (partly literal match) explain to their original code. In view of the probable and possible legality and Unbelegbarkeit the allegations of the On2 source code were kept available on rare wares despite threats of On2's legal representation. Based on this source code (incomplete ) reference was created from the beginning of May. As a result of an open-source decoder for FFmpeg VP6 for the project has been created in the coming months by Aurelien Jacobs, who is part of the libavcodec project since September 2006. First, however, this only supported VP6.2, towards the end of 2006 VP6.0 and 6.1. It is included in the published in March 2009 stable version 0.5.

In January 2007, the next successor version VP7 was presented; is currently published in 2008 by followers called VP8, which was of all claims released the source code for free use made ​​available in 2010.