VP7 is a proprietary video codec for lossy compressed video data. It is an incarnation of True Motion, a series of video codecs and formats that have been developed and marketed by the company On2 Technologies. He was introduced in January 2005, released in March 2005 and is not in July 2005 for private purposes ( VP7 Personal Edition ) is free. On2 applied it as competition formats such as H.264 and VC-1 superior solution with up to 50 % better compression than its predecessor VP6, which was used in particular in Adobe Flash videos.


He finds in IP telephony software for video conferencing application, especially in Skype 2.0, AOL AIM, Move Networks, Viewpoint Media Player, and Tencent Messenger / QQ. The U.S. broadcast networks ABC and FOX to stream video content in VP7 to the web through a solution of Move networks with an additional module for the web browser Firefox and Internet Explorer.