VxWorks is a proprietary real-time operating system that is being developed by Wind River Systems. It is used especially in certain small appliances. Typical application areas include, for example, aerospace and defense, moreover, machine control systems, medical equipment and network infrastructure. In addition, it was used by Canon digital cameras, however, has been replaced by the in-house development DRYOS since 2007.

In the IT Fujitsu VxWorks uses as a basis for the operating system of its storage systems ETERNUS DX.

The development of programs for VxWorks takes place on a powerful host computer such as a PC or a workstation. These create special versions for each desired type of small device. There are target platforms with different processors.

VxWorks was used in the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Pathfinder mission to Mars. The Mars vehicles Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity are controlled by computers that also run under VxWorks.