Wajir is a town of about 33,000 inhabitants in the province of North -Eastern Kenya. It is the capital of the district of the same name.

The International Astronomical Union named a crater Mars to Wajir.

Today, living in Wajir mainly from the Somali clans of Ajuran, the Degodia and Ogadeni - Darod.

From the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa in 2006 Wajir was particularly affected after there was an outbreak of diarrhea and measles in addition to the overall poor nutritional status. In the same year, the later U.S. President Barack Obama visited the region.

In addition to various schools Wajir Wajir District Hospital has the, restaurants, hotels, a bus station and an orphanage. The Muslim majority of the population has a mosque and a Quranic school. The Roman Catholic population belongs to the Diocese of Garissa. The Consolata Missionaries built a base of their order in Wajir.

Sons and daughters of the town