Walter Murch

Walter Murch ( born July 12, 1943 in New York) is an American film editor, film director, screenwriter and mixer ( Sound Designer).


Walter Murch studied from 1963 to 1964 Romance languages ​​and art history in Italy and Paris. When he found out that there was now film schools in the United States, he applied for and got a scholarship to the graduate program at USC, where he met George Lucas. He went in 1967 from USC and was set at Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Films. Then he cut commercials for Dove film.

Murch worked with the film production company American Zoetrope as an editor and sound mixer at the Francis Ford Coppola film The Rain People ( 1969). Then he cut together with George Lucas on his first full-length films THX 1138 and American Graffiti.

Following it came to collaborate again with Coppola, in which he effects for the film was editor and sound The Godfather. He then took the same tasks for another film by Coppola, the dialogue, received his first Oscar nomination for Murch. In addition to the film The dialogue Murch mixte in 1974 set the tone for the film The Godfather - Part II

During the making of the film Apocalypse Now, he invented for his work the term Sound Designer, because he was not a member of the union at that time, and he developed with some colleagues in today's conventional film sound format " 5.1 channel array ," the film the raised sound on sound better level. In 1980 he won for his work as a sound mixer at Apocalypse Now his first Oscar. For his work as an editor of this film, it was also nominated for an Oscar.

1997 Murch won two more Oscars for film editing and the sound of Anthony Minghella's The English Patient.

In 2003, Murch edited the film Cold Mountain, which also comes from Anthony Minghella. He used the first time the Apple software Final Cut Pro along with standard Power Mac G4 computers for the cut of the film. That was at the time extremely unusual because Avid was the market leader and not a big Hollywood production was cut at such a comparatively cheap system. This work brought Murch one another Oscar nomination.

Murch has only in the film Oz - A fantastic world and the episode "The Generel " of Star Wars: Clone Wars director out.

In 2008 he was appointed to the jury of the 58th Berlin Film Festival.

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