Warren (Illinois)

Jo Daviess County


Warren (formerly also Courtland ) is a village in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, United States, located on State Road Illinois Route 78, the area of ​​Warren is 3.0 km ². The population was recorded in the census in 2000 at 1,496.


The village of Warren was from 1843, when Captain Alexander Burnett built a log cabin. In 1851, a holding station had been set up on the stagecoach route. The listed building ' Old Stone Hotel', now used as a community center of Warren. From 1853 onwards the village of Warren continued to grow along the then new railway line. The District Library was built in 1911 as a Carnegie library. From 1916 to 1920, Warren, the first mayor of Illinois, Rose Canfield.


The village of Warren holds every year on the last weekend in September, " The Pumpkin Festival ", the Pumpkin Festival, from, to which a large parade, arts and crafts, fruits of the fall harvest include. In Warren, the oldest county exhibition of Illinois ' Jo Daviess County Fair " is held annually during the first week of August. Warren is also one of the venues of the Stagecoach Festival " Stagecoach Trail Festival" which is held along the former stagecoach route.