The acronym WDS stands for:

  • Worldwide Diagnostic System refers to a vehicle diagnostic system for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover and more ...
  • Wireless Distribution System (also Wireless Distributed System ) refers to a way of wirelessly connect multiple wireless access points with each other
  • Windows Desktop Search refers to a desktop search program for Windows
  • Windows Deployment Services (Windows Deployment Services )
  • Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, chemical analysis method ( also WDX )
  • Wireless Domain Services (Cisco proprietary)
  • World of gaming Distribution and Marketing GmbH, a now bankrupt game company
  • Wiring Diagram System, a diagram overview
  • Walt Disney Studios, the second theme park of Disneyland Resort Paris # Walt Disney Studios Park
  • Because of the city, a city in Baden- Württemberg
  • Washington Double Star Catalog refers to a star catalog for the characterization of double stars
  • Würzburg interpreter school, private school for foreign language professionals in Würzburg
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