Weber Piano Company

Albert Weber ( born July 8, 1828 in Heiligenstadt Upper Franconia, Bavaria, † June 25, 1879 in New York City ) was an American piano manufacturer of German origin.


Albert Weber was a child prodigy on the piano and later an excellent piano player. He immigrated in 1844 to New York City in the U.S..

In 1852 he founded a year before Heinrich Steinweg, in Manhattan in the White Street a piano store. He was selling high-quality square pianos and grand pianos. Later he built at the address 362 Fifth Avenue (corner of 16th Street) on a piano manufacturing. This company worked from the 1870s on par with the competitors Steinway and Sons. 1874 was the price of an investment in the Rococo style Weber- wing at 1,400 U.S. dollars, the price of a large house in the exclusive Victorian era.

Albert Weber was, along with Steinway and Chickering & Sons Boston implicated in the noised has become in the U.S. and protracted over years "Piano wars", in which the well-known manufacturers in the media and in court fighting each other to ask who at the Great Exhibition of Paris had 1867 and on the "Centennial" world Expo 1876 exhibited the best pianos in Philadelphia.

Albert Weber died in 1879 at the age of only 51 years, it was said, from overwork.


Weber pianos have been the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, which opened in October 1883. The company Weber received at the Great Exhibition in London in 1887 and at the Paris World Exhibition of 1889, gold medals and became an internationally successful company.

King Alfonso XIII. of Spain chose a Weber- wing, even the Popes Pius X and Pius XI. possessed wings of Weber. A Weber- wing was delivered to the Elysee Palace in Paris. Weber- wing were found in the royal houses of England, Wales, France, Italy and Sweden. Weber 's customers were the English tea trader Sir Thomas Lipton and the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Moritz Rosenthal, one of the best student of Franz Liszt, Ignacy Jan Paderewski and James Mapleston chose Weber pianos for their concert performances.

1903 bought the Aeolian Company, a manufacturer of player pianos, the company Weber. Around this time was also a production of Weber pianos in Hayes, England, was founded. In 1985, the Aeolian factory. The rights to the brand name Weber were 1986/87 sold to the Korean piano manufacturer Young Chang. Weber should be the top brand in the composite of the Korean manufacturer. 1992 new models were launched. In December 2003, Young Chang finished the production of Weber pianos.

( In Berlin there was a piano manufacturer named Weber, but with the U.S. company had no links. )


History of Weber on their website ( in English).

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