Wettenhausen Abbey

The Dominican convent Wettenhausen was until 1802 an imperial abbey of Augustinian canons, today it belongs to the Order of the Dominicans. The pin / Monastery situated in Wettenhausen the Central Swabian municipality Kammeltal in Bavaria. Ecclesiastical it belongs to the diocese of Augsburg.



The first mention erkundlich the Abbey Wettenhausen 1130 issued by the bishop Hermann von Vohburg donor letter for Wettenhausen. The founders were the Lady Gertrude of Roggenstein and her two sons Wernher and Konrad. But the founders letter does not say with exact certainty, a new monastic foundation, but only the gift of Wettenhausen to the monastery.

According to in-house chronicle the monastery 982 of the Countess Gertrude of Roggenstein and her two sons Wernher and Konrad was founded. The countess wished to found a monastery for the salvation of her family. She said to her sons, she wanted to get as much land for the monastery, as she could plow in a day. She hung a plow jewelry around his neck and rode round on a horse a large territory.

You can see the different inception dates perhaps explained by the fact that the foundation of 1130, a senior founding preceded. The Augsburg cathedral chapter had around Wettenhausen, particularly in Ettenbeuren, large possessions. Therefore, in Ettenbeuren the first monastery is suspected that was perhaps founded in 982. It is believed that the founding family of Roggenstein, their location on the Kammel Wasserburg was in spiritual hands in 1130 and the monastery was therefore moved to Wettenhausen. The detailed information on starting before 1130 may have been lost in the turmoil of the Investiture Controversy and are therefore no longer detectable.


In the course of secularization, it was dissolved in 1803. The library of about 9000 volumes went to the Bavarian State Library and the University Library in Dillingen Dillingen on the Danube, the monastery was initially the seat of the Bavarian Retirement Office. 1864 received the Dominican Sisters of St. Ursula in Augsburg the building, this re -founded a monastery and established a school.

The Convention for Wettenhausen associated, former collegiate church of the Assumption Parish Church is today the municipality Kammeltal. It originated in the 12th century and was rebuilt in the 17th century in the Baroque style under the supervision of Michael Thumb.