What I Like About You (TV series)

What I Like ( Original title: What I Like About You ) is an American sitcom.

The television series launched in the U.S. on 20 September 2002 at the U.S. television network The WB. In Austria, the first broadcast on 19 March 2005, broadcast on ORF 1, in Germany on 2 August 2005 on RTL 2 Because of declining ratings and the merger of The WB and UPN, the series was canceled after the 4th season and 86 episodes. On 24 March 2006, the final episode ran.

The series takes place in New York City and is about the lives of two sisters, Valerie ( Jennie Garth ) and Holly Tyler (Amanda Bynes ).


Holly is the younger sister of Valerie Tyler. At the beginning of season 1 they must move with their 16 years to Japan, since her father was promoted. She struggles against it because they have so often had to move in her life and her sister begs to be allowed to move in with her. Henry Gibson is her first love. It comes along with it, but separates again after some time of it, since it seems to have feelings for the bike messenger Vince. The two want to get together, but Holly wants to wait a little until Henry get over the thing. But when she looked over at Vince to tell him that she's ready, she finds him with another woman. From then on, she knew that Vince a " player" is and she can not trust him.

As Holly is now 18 years old, she is applying to study in Paris. Henry, with whom she is now once again a good friend, helps her to write her application. Holly was adopted and this owes Henry. The two want to get back together, but Holly has now for a few months after France. Meanwhile, Vince has confessed his love for her. The two waiting at the airport to Holly, but when she gets off the plane, she has an English friend with him. The two disappear immediately. Henry goes to Princeton and disappears from the series as the main character.

Vince Holly still not confessed his love, but sometimes it slip such sentences as: "You should make with the British end! " Out. It was only when Holly Ben ( her English friend) "I love you, Vince! " Says both want to get back together. But then Holly learns that Vince has slept with her best friend Tina and again nothing out of the relationship.

Holly finally comes, according to the Council by a radio doctor to Henry to Princeton to ask for help, how can she get together with Vince. After a long conversation the two embrace of Amity what Vince but interpreted differently, as he sees it. Holly wants Vince to confess her love and hopes that they will come together this time at last, but Vince does not respond to their calls and want to move to Florida. Holly follows him up in his car and hiding there. But when she wants to show up, another girl enters. So you have to drive to Florida with up to confess their love Vince there.

The two return as a pair to New York. Valerie married now after a night of the firefighter Vic. Despite initially persistent efforts Valerie this to a cancellation of the marriage for the time being not true and would like to try six months to maintain the marriage. Gradually Val are on their resistance and falls in love. As Vince noted that Holly makes more money than him, he looks for a new job as a real estate agent. Only his boss is his ex- girlfriend, who is still after him. Holly makes with Vince conclusion because he does not believe her that his ex again wants to get together with him. Finally, Vince noted but that Holly with their accusations was right. He is shocked and quits his job, but does not dare to apologize to Holly. He says goodbye to his friends, to start a new life in Chicago. In Vals second wedding with Vic (the first was incorrect) but he comes back, and Holly and Vince are back together.



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  • The American series and also the title song in the American name is a hit of the Romantics of the 1980s.
  • The creator and executive producer of the series were previously writers and executive producer of Friends.
  • In the series there are also references to Beverly Hills, 90210, in the Jennie Garth plays the role of Kelly Taylor; In addition, there are guest appearances by the male protagonists of the series Jason Priestley (Brandon ), Ian Ziering (Steve ) and Luke Perry ( Dylan ); in a series called Todd Valerie as Brenda ( Brenda, who was played by Shannen Doherty, was one of the main female characters in Beverly Hills, 90210 ).
  • 2005 The WB shortened the fourth season of the series unexpectedly on 18 episodes.
  • The complete first season was released on 25 January 2008 in German on DVD. For the home entertainment version of the title song What I Like About You was changed, leading to violent protests by the fans for itself.
  • The two lead actresses Jennie Garth and Amanda Bynes have on the same day (April 3rd) birthday.