Whiskas is a registered brand of cat food the American company Mars, Incorporated and is represented in 25 countries. The name is inspired by the English word whiskers ( " whiskers ").


Whiskas is made Verden in Lower Saxony, in the Burgenland width Brunn am Neusiedler See and in Melton Mowbray in Great Britain. In the neighboring Waltham -on-the - Wolds is the company's research center.


The product range includes wet food, dry food, lactosereduzierte cat milk and snacks. The feed is available for three different age groups, for kittens ( Junior), adult cats (Adult ) and old cats ( Senior).

Some products are also advertised with health-promoting properties, so Whiskas offers snacks that should maintain the gums and facilitate the elimination of hairballs and are enriched with vitamins. The packaging is traditionally held in purple.


Whiskas is through the advertising slogan " Cats would buy Whiskas " and become known related intensive television advertising. The current (as of 2011 ) " Whiskas Cat" in advertising is a British Shorthair Silver Tabby in color.


However, nutrition researchers complain about for quite some time that Whiskas not belong with the best known, but the healthiest food products for cats.