Wieprz, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship

Wieprz ( Weepers German ) is a town in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in northeastern Poland. The place belongs to Gmina Zalewo in powiat Iławski.


Wieprz lies in the moraine landscape of the Upper Lands, about 15 kilometers south of Zalewo. The area is part of the Landscape Park Eylauer Lakeland. The place is located directly on Jezioro Jeziorak ( Geserichsee ). It is connected by a causeway to Wielki Bukowiec ( the Bukowitzwerder ), an island in Geserichsee.


Weepers was founded by the Teutonic Order as a hook Interest village.

In 1874, an administrative district in the county Weepers Morag has been established. It consisted of the rural communities Albrecht Walde, Kerpen, Schliewe, Skittlauken, Ulpitten and Weepers and the agricultural estates Gablauken, Kerpen, Pomehlen and Schliewe. The administration took over in the early years of the mayor of Saalfeld in the next office. In 1882 the District was re-dissolved and combined with the District Auer.

In 1928, the Gutsbezirk Pomehlen was incorporated in the rural community of Weepers. For the rural community also included the inhabited islands Bukowitzwerder and Linde Werder Geserichsee, while the water surface of the lake Geserich had the status of a separate Gutsbezirks.

After integration into the Polish state Weepers was renamed Wieprz and joined the newly formed Gmina Zalewo. The name was familiar Wieprz as local and watercourses already in southern Poland. The place is now home to a Schulz Office of Gmina Zalewo to the still Gubławki ( Gablauken ) Karpowo include ( Kerpen) and Pomielin ( Pomehlen ).



  • Gmina Zalewo
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