Williams College

Williams College is a prestigious, private university in the U.S. in Williamstown, Massachusetts, which was founded in 1793 as a men's college. In the 1920s, the name still used today, Little Three, under which compete students from Williams College regularly with fellow students from Wesleyan University and Amherst College at sports was born.

It is one of the most selective colleges in the U.S. (about 17 % of applicants are accepted ) and is in the latest edition (2008 ) of the " U.S. News" rankings listed at rank 1 for colleges, also in America's Best Colleges by Forbes magazine. Williams College maintains numerous partnerships with foreign universities, such as the Oxford University in England.

Williams College is particularly dedicated to the undergraduate education, that is, students of Williams College study, especially for BA (Bachelor of Arts) and B. S. (Bachelor of Science ) degrees. There are also two master 's degree programs in art history and development economics.

Currently, approximately 1,945 undergraduate students and about 59 graduate students are enrolled at the university.

As part of efforts to internationalize Williams College has introduced one of the first U.S. universities a so-called "need - blind " process for international students, that is, are foreign applicants, as domestic, adopted without consideration of their ability to pay. Williams continues to provide scholarships for all students who have successfully passed the competition and need financial help.

Famous graduates

  • James MacGregor Burns ( born 1918 ), American political scientist and historian
  • Mayo A. Shattuck III (born 1954 ), CEO of Exelon Corporation
  • Sam French ( born 1976 ), film director and screenwriter
  • Lee -Hom Wang (born 1976 ), musician, record producer, actor and director