Winter Music Conference

The Winter Music Conference ( WMC short ) is an annual, week-long event about in Miami, which deals exclusively with the issue of electronic dance music. For the first time it was held in 1985. Meanwhile, it has become the largest event of its kind and is today a meeting place of many professionals ( such as music producers, DJs, video artists, label managers, talent scouts, etc.) and interested parties from over 60 countries. The majority of attendees (65% ) come from the United States, 24 % from Europe and 5% from Canada.

The program at the exhibition is determined by discussion forums, demonstrations and shows, lectures and dance performances with internationally established artists, as well as newcomers from the scene.

Overall, in the context, see the Winter Music Conference held over 500 events. The main event will be awarded at the WMC, the International Dance Music Awards. The biggest party and the official closing ceremony was until 2010 the two-day Ultra Music Festival with time 100,000 visitors over two days. Since the Winter Music Conference 2011, however, two weeks earlier than previously held, the Ultra Music Festival was first held outside the conference time. In 2009, for the first time performed a VJ Challenge. 2012 found the conference and the Ultra Music Festival once again in the same week. However, the festival now remains a separate event and is no longer part of the conference.