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Wivenhoe is a small village in the English county of Essex and is located in the outskirts of the town of Colchester. In Wivenhoe live quite a few students from the University of Essex, and there are quite a few pubs. There is a seasonal service ferry service across the River Colne after Fingringhoe and Rowhedge. 2003 Wivenhoe had 9,000 inhabitants. Historically, the local events centered around fishing, ships and smuggling.

Wivenhoe Park is now part of the University of Essex, previously was the home of several centuries Rebow family, descendants of Flemish weavers from Colchester.

Famous residents

Wivenhoe is the home of the artist Martin Newell, of each year, the main star of the May fair in the game of King George VI. is. Also Wivenhoe is home to the BAFTA -nominated actress Joan Hickson, Miss Marple embodied in the BBC adaptations of Agatha Christie's novels.

Acting manager Sir John Martin- Harvey was born in 1863 in Wivenhoe. In his honor, a blue plaque on Kaihaus, one of his child homes, attached. He was the son of shipbuilder John Harvey and grandson of Thomas Harvey, builder of the ship Volante, the 1851 took part in the first America's Cup.

During the first half of the 19th century, Wivenhoe Hall was the home of William Brummell, brother of the more famous Beau Brummell.