Wizernes is a North commune in the Pas -de- Calais Nord-Pas -de- Calais region. It is located four kilometers southwest of Saint- Omer on the banks of the river Aa. The municipality is divided into several districts and is twinned with Ensdorf in Saarland.


The village is based on a Gallo-Roman oppidum and received in the year 844 the name Weserinium. During World War II the place as a result of an Allied air raid was part of Operation Crossbow on the nearby V-2 rocket base gravel pit northwest badly damaged.


  • The Church of St. Folquin is from the twentieth century.
  • Papeterie Dambricourt, with offices in the Rue du Bousquet and Rue du Moulin
  • The memorial to the two world wars


Here, the department streets cross D928 and D211. The station is located on the non-electrified railway from Saint- Omer after Hesdigneul.