Wolfgang Stumph

Wolfgang Stumph ( born January 31, 1946 in Wuenschelburg, Silesia ) is a German actor and cabaret artist.


Prior to his government acting training in the GDR, he completed an apprenticeship as a boilermaker and a study of engineering education. But he committed himself early on to go on the stage of the Dresden cabaret Herkuleskeule. The Dresden in this regard tranquil atmosphere - not to be compared with the stages of Leipzig or Berlin - formed the cornerstone of his work. So his signature role is that of the little man, just a prototypical Saxony, who knows how to hide criticism of the system behind simple sentences.

Towards the end of the 1980s Stumph made ​​the jump into the television entertainment with comedic guest appearances as so-called bag germane in Gunther Emmerlichs Showkolade. Here he appeared as a man of the people who went to the show master Emmerlich with his critical remarks, and his experiences " on the nerves " - in favor of the enthusiastic audience. In the broadcast he was called Stumpi and had the usual in the GDR reusable Dederonbeutel. This satirized East German procurement urge for non-existent goods.

Wolfgang Stumph lives in Dresden, is married and has a son and a daughter, the actress Stephanie Stumph.

Stumph committed to a children's home in the Saxon village and Volker for Dresdner Förderkreis for children with cancer. He is also a board member of the Dresden Children's Aid and volunteer since 2000 UNICEF ambassador.

Stumph has learned in his youth Esperanto, as he told the WDR 2002; He emphasized the value of Esperanto in international communication.


The big breakthrough came in 1991 with the successful Stumph movie Go Trabi Go. As a German teacher Udo Struutz and in the footsteps of Goethe, he traveled with his family via satellite to Italy and had it survive many adventures. In the comedy, and in 1992 the second part was the clash between East and West Germans in the foreground, with all the usual clichés were served comedic.

His second great success came Stumph on television in the role of wool Stanko Far, a postal worker from the fictional village Niederbörnicke in Brandenburg. Stumph made ​​the success with a sitcom format, which until then was not possible in Germany. Salto Postale 1995 with the Telestar ( German Television Award ) and won in 1996 and 1999 with the Golden Hen ( Audience Award of MDR and Superillu ). With his colleague Rudi Reschke and Western Chief default, there was to endure in the series a number of problems; some East - West problem was again the focus. From the Civil Service Stanko wide and Rudi Reschke eventually became the municipal officials of the village and in a new environment was the sitcom 1996 under the name Salto Municipal until 2002. Their former boss was Mayor of Niederbörnicke.

In the meantime, began Stumph a role as Commissioner Stubbe in the crime series Stubbe - From case to case. Stumphs biological daughter Stephanie helps the father from episode to episode in the role of daughter Stubbe. The crime series now belongs to the most successful thrillers of the ZDF.

With a double role in the film The job of his life to him, another comedic television success for the German succeeded in 2003. Yet Stumph also served the tragic subject, eg, in the enthusiastically received by the audience movie to the horizon and further and in the television productions A piece of happiness and Love in Königsberg. So many films in which Stumph fall out of the purely comedic role originated.


Since 1991 Stumph occurred parallel in his cabaret program Antrak on STUMPHsinn together with its partners Gunter Antrak and Detlef Rothe on. The always sold-out and updated program was filled with numerous characters and songs around the Decaying Communism in East Germany. The last performance took place at the Dresdner Comedy on 5 May 2006.


From 2003 Stumph played the role of prison Servant Frog in Johann Strauss ' Die Fledermaus ( Director: Günter Krämer) at the Semperoper Dresden, and from 2009 also in Bremen.


The role names of most characters, with which he can identify personally start, as its name with "W" and "St".

In March 2012 Stumph told the magazine picture of the woman he had never done " despite six-figure offers" advertising and remarked: "I can not at least agree with my claim. Advertising messages are like election promises: they are rarely respected. "



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