Women's Party (Poland)

The partia Kobiet ( PK, German Women's Party ) is a Polish program and small party. It is committed to women's and family support, but distinguishes itself by doing parties from supporting a conservative church and embossed model of the family. The party sees itself as a representative of the Polish women and more especially value according to own data on education and the health system. Chairman of the party is Anna Kornacka. Her predecessor and current honorary chairman of the party is the author Manuela Gretkowska.

The party was officially registered on 11 January 2007. 's Parliamentary elections in Poland in 2007, the party of choice presented in the Polish Sejm. Your campaign poster showed the leaders of the party unclothed partia Kobiet received a total of 45 121 votes which represented 0.28 percent of the valid votes cast. Thus, the party missed the five-percent hurdle. The highest result with 2.74 percent (121 votes) could gain the party in the municipality Bodzechów, the lowest with 0.06 percent ( 1 vote) in the municipality Turosl. In the 2010 presidential election, the party Grzegorz Napieralski supported. He retired in the first round from behind the favorites Jarosław Kaczyński and Bronisław Komorowski.