The Woterfitzsee is southeast of the Müritz lying in the lake district lake district Mecklenburg Lake District, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is located in the north- east of the municipality of Rechlin. It has a circular shape with an approximate length of 2360 m and an approximate width of 1860 meters. It is embedded in an outwash plain and is surrounded by some marshy areas. In the north and east are some larger fish ponds. The lake is located in the national park Müritz. The southern and western shores are wooded and the shore is surrounded by a nearly continuous belt of reeds. The lake is closed to motor boat traffic and is located on a popular water trail through Mirow to Müritz.

The lake was formed after thawing of the inland ice in the Frankfurt stage of the Vistula glaciation of a large Toteisfeld, which was buried by Sander sands of the re- advancing ice sheet in the Pomeranian stage. With subsequent heating thawed and the spilled dead ice. At these points, a depression formed on the surface Sander, which today forms the lake.