Wu Yuzhang

Wu Yuzhang (Chinese吴玉章/吴玉章, Pinyin Wú Yuzhang; born December 30, 1878 in Sichuan Rong, † December 12, 1966 ) was a Chinese politician, educationist, and President of the Chinese People's University of 1950 until 1966.


Wu Yuzhang was born on December 30, 1878 in Rong in the province of Sichuan. He joined the CCP in 1925. In the 1940s he was in Yan'an together with Dong Biwu, Lin Boqu, Xu Teli and Xie Juezai " the five senior officers " (延安 五 老, Yan'an Wǔ Lǎo ) called.