X-Face is an optional, in the late 1980s incurred, unofficial header in Usenet articles or emails, which allows, as text encoded in the message a small black and white image, this rider.

Usually represents the X-Face a portrait or logo of the sender of the message dar. It is limited to a size of 48 × 48 pixels and a color depth of 1 bit ( ie a pixel can only be black or white, no gray).

X -Face: ^BC$`[IcggstLPyen&dqF b2'zyK#r.mU*'Nms}@&4zw%SJ#5!/7SMVjBS7'lb;QK)|IPU5U'o1'522W4TyzB3Ab*IBo^iw]l4|kUbdZuUDO6=Um-.4IzhNiV'B\"@K#jy_(wW|Zbk[34flKY^|PrQ?$u2\\fKg^]AY>wOX#H32i The insertion and the display of these photos is for example supported by the following news readers and e -mail programs:

  • 40tude dialogue
  • Claws Mail
  • Wildebeest
  • KMail (from version 1.8)
  • KNode (at least as of version 0.10.2 )
  • MacSOUP
  • Mail Smith
  • MesNews
  • Mozilla Thunderbird / SeaMonkey with the extensions Mnenhy or Message Faces.
  • MT- NewsWatcher
  • Pan (version 0120 )
  • slrn with Macro slrnface.
  • Sweet mail
  • Sylpheed
  • X Python Newsreader
  • XNews
  • XanaNews

A further development is the developed 2005 Face header, which also allows colored PNG images.