• Cyclohexylammonium salt of 5-bromo -4-chloro -3-indolyl - β -D -glucuronic acid
  • Cyclohexylammonium salt of the (2S, 3S, 4S, 5R ) -6 - [(5 -bromo -4-chloro -1H -indol- 3-yl) oxy] - 3,4,5- trihydroxyoxan - 2-carboxylic acid

Off-white powder


Slightly soluble in water

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X -Gluc stands for the cyclohexylammonium salt of 5-bromo -4-chloro -3-indolyl - β -D - glucuronic acid. X - gluc is a glycoside and artifizelles substrate for the enzyme β -glucuronidase (GUS ).


The enzyme β -glucuronidase hydrolyzed X -Gluc to glucuronic acid and 5-bromo- 4-chloro- indoxyl. The 5 -bromo -4-chloro - indoxyl is, 4' -dichloro- indigo oxidized by oxygen in the air to deep blue dye 5,5 '- dibromo -4.


X -Gluc measurement is a simple optical method for checking the β -glucuronidase activity in living cells.

This method with Gus as a reporter can be used for example in plant transformations, in order to test the transformation efficiency and represents, unlike the MUG assay, a non-invasive method for detection of CIS

In addition, the expression of which are examined by the tissue-specific Kombinbation the β -glucuronidase gene to the promoter of any gene. In contrast to the MUG - assay in which the expression can be measured quantitatively on the activity of the enzyme, the expression of a gene is measured indirectly via the high activity of the promoter.