X (roller coaster)

Input and buildings

X: \ No Way Out Thorpe Park ( Chertsey, Surrey, UK) is a steel roller coaster model from the manufacturer Vekoma Enigma, which opened in 1996. The train was the first backward -propelled roller coaster advertised in the dark and focuses on the idea, as if you were stuck in a computer virus. For this purpose, it was housed in the topic Lost City in a pyramid-shaped corrugated iron buildings. Originally it also had a lot of theming, but this was removed over the years for the most part. After Powered Coaster Flying Fish, she was the first " classic " roller coaster of the park at its opening in 1996.

X: \ No Way Out has five trains with five cars. In each car, two people can (a series ) take place. For entry and exit, the train has separate stations. After boarding the train is conveyed by a Reibradlift to about 13 meters in height. In the next 400 meter long track, the train stops three times each for about 15 seconds, which should be part of the story. Despite the relatively short distance of the train so needed two minutes to complete journey. Can ride the roller coaster theory 1000 people per hour.

Under roller coaster fans, the web is rather unpopular due to poor handling and the only moderately perceptible theming and is found regularly in the annual votes on the best steel roller coasters ( Steel Coaster Poll) on one of the last places.