XCBL stands for XML Common Business Library and was developed in 1997 by the company Veo Systems as the CBL. In January 1997, the company Commerce One Veo Systems and its CBL technology took over. Was evaluated at Veo Systems with CBL nor the applicability of XML for e -business applications, so at Commerce One kept this technology enters as a standard data exchange format for e- commerce applications and e- marketplaces.

XCBL should combine the advantages of XML with the compatibility to classical EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). With the advancement of technology to CBL 2.0 xCBL should reflect the name of the new format and the relationship to the XML standard, the "x".

Currently there xCBL in version 4.0. A further development of the standard is, however, questionable, as Commerce One had to file for bankruptcy in 2004 and was sold in 2006 in parts of Novell and Perfect Commerce. The Perfect Commerce Inc. of Kansas now owns the intellectual property of the former Commerce One.