Xia County

Circle Xia (夏县, Xia Xiàn ) is a circle of Yuncheng prefecture-level city in the south of China's Shanxi province. In 1999, he counted 346 144 inhabitants.

The Yuwangcheng - site ( Yuwangcheng Yizhi禹王 城 遗址), the grave of Sima Guang ( Sima Guang mu司马 光 墓), the Xiyincun - site (Neolithic ) ( Xiyincun Yizhi西 阴 村 遗址), the Dongxiafeng - site ( Dongxiafeng Yizhi东 下 冯 遗址) ( location of the Bronze Age ), the Cuijiahe tombs ( Cuijiahe Muqun崔家 河 墓群) and the Temple Dayang Taishan miao大洋 泰山 庙are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is composed of six large municipalities and five municipalities. These are:

  • Greater community Yaofeng瑶 峰 镇
  • Greater community Miaoqian庙前 镇
  • Greater community Feijie裴 介 镇
  • Greater community ShuiTou水 头镇
  • Greater community Nianzhang埝 掌 镇
  • Greater community Sijiao泗 交 镇
  • Community Weiguo尉 郭 乡
  • Community Yuwang禹王 乡
  • Community Huzhang胡 张 乡
  • Community Nandali南大 里 乡
  • Community Qijiahe祁家 河乡