Yala ( Thai: ยะลา, Malay: Jolor ) is a large city ( เทศบาล นคร ยะลา ) in the Thai province of Yala. It is the capital of the district ( Amphoe ) Mueang Yala and the capital of the province of Yala in the extreme south of the southern region of Thailand.

The city has 62 110 inhabitants Yala. (2012 )


Yala is situated near the border with Malaysia in the far south of Thailand. It is a busy commercial city, whose population is composed mainly of Chinese and Muslim Malays.

The environment consists of a covered with rainforest mountains, on the south -trending level protrude numerous limestone rocks. Due to the proximity to the equator may occur throughout the year to significant rainfall.

Economic importance and

The main industry is the trade in Malaysia, which is firmly in Chinese hands. In addition, rubber is mounted and further processed.


  • Wat Khuha Phimuk ( วัด คูหา ภิ มุข, Wat Na Tham ) - 1200 years old rock temple on the outskirts with an almost 25 meter long reclining Buddha statue in a nearby cave.