Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi (Japanese山口 市, -shi) is a city and administrative headquarters of the Yamaguchi Prefecture on Honshu, the main island of Japan.


Yamaguchi is on the river Fushino in the extreme southwest of Honshu.


The settlement was already 630 years ago by the Prince Ouchi after the pattern of Heian - kyō ( Kyoto ), the former capital of Japan, is applied. Therefore, Yamaguchi is also called Kyoto of the west.

1863 moved to the administration of the fief (han ) Chōshū Yamaguchi, which was also known as a fief Yamaguchi ever since.

The county-level city ( shi) Yamaguchi was born on April 10, 1929 by the merger of the town ( machi ) Yamaguchi district Yoshiki Yoshiki with the village. 1944 were incorporated from the district nine other municipalities, two of which, Ajisu and Ogori, but after the Pacific War were initially independent again. Other incorporations were made in 1956 and 1963, and a larger 2005 when Ajisu, Ogori and two more municipalities were integrated.

On January 16, 2010 ATO was incorporated.


  • Street: Chugoku highway
  • San'yo highway
  • National road 2, to Osaka or Kitakyushu
  • National Road 9, to Kyoto or Shimonoseki
  • San'yo JR Shinkansen, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hakata
  • JR San'yo Main Line, to Kobe or Shimonoseki
  • JR Yamaguchi Line


Economically significant is especially the electrical industry.


Universities and Colleges

In 1949 the University of Yamaguchi Prefecture Yamaguchi University in 1996 and was founded, which emerged from the women's Yamaguchi University.


  • Spain Pamplona, ​​since 1980
  • People's Republic of China Jinan, since 1985
  • China People's Republic of Zouping, since 1995

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Aikawa Yoshisuke (1880-1967), businessman and politician
  • Kaoru Inoue (1836-1915), politician
  • Kishi Nobusuke (1896-1987), 56th and 57th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Omura Masujirō (1824-1869), Japanese military leaders
  • Terauchi Masatake (1852-1919), 18th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Nakahara Chuya (1907-1937), poet
  • Kasumi Ishikawa (1993 - ), table tennis player.

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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