Yankton (South Dakota)

Yankton County


Yankton is a city in the U.S. state of South Dakota and the administrative center ( county seat ) of the Yankton County. The city had according to the 2010 census, a population of 14,454 to 20.7 km ². The city is located on the Missouri River, which forms the border with the state of Nebraska there.

The city is also known by the nickname River City and Key City. Just before the town is the Dam Gavin's Point Dam. The reservoir is called Lewis And Clark Lake, after the famous Lewis and Clark expedition.

Five kilometers north of the city lies the Chan Gurney Municipal Airport, a regional airport.


The territory of the present town of Yankton came in 1803 through the Louisiana Purchase to the United States and has been explored by the Lewis and Clark expedition in the following year. Through the Yankton Dakota Treaty was opened in 1859 to colonize and 1861 Dakota Territory, whose capital was Yankton until 1883.

1943, the then largest radio tower in the world was built in Yankton from the radio station WNAX. It was used, among other things, to send you the itinerant radio show Missouri Valley Barn Dance constant.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Herbert Spencer Barber, entomologist
  • Donald Charles Gemar, Astronaut
  • John Chandler Gurney, U.S. Senator
  • Adam Vinatieri, Football Players
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