Yi Bok-nam

Yi Bok -nam (* June 28, 1555; † August 16, 1597 ) was a Korean military leader, politician and admiral, poet at the time of the Joseon Dynasty.


1588 consisted Yi Bok -nam the gwageo, the state examination for Korean officials and military.

He is known for his victories in the battles of Woongchi and Ahndeokwon in 1592nd Between 1594/1595 and 1597 he commanded the army of Jeolla -do during the Imjin War. He was killed in 1597 at the Battle of Namwon. The royal court awarded him some honorary titles, including the posthumously conferred the title of Chungjanggong ( Duke of the brave ), a recording as Seonmu Wonjong Gongsin and posthumously the Office Jwachanseong ( Deputy Prime Minister ).