Yobe language

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  • Niger - Congo Atlantic - Congo Volta - Congo Northern Gur Central Northern Oti - Volta languages Gurma Miyobe (language)




Miyobe (also: Soruba, Bijobe, Biyobe, Sorouba, Solla, Uyobe, Meyobe, Kayobe, Kuyobe, Sola, Solamba ) is the language of the people of Soruba.

They live mainly in Togo and Benin. Miyobe is just about to be displaced by the sole official language is French in both countries. It belongs to the Gur languages.

As for the number of speakers is estimated to vary approximately 8,700 (1991 ) people. Living in Togo approximately 1,700 (1991 ) Speaker, in Benin approximately 6,000 ( 1991).

In Togo, the Speaker of the Miyobe live in the Kara region, namely north-east of the town Kpagoudain of Binah Prefecture. Center of the Miyobe speaker is Kouyoria. Some isolated groups living in Kounacire ( Massédéna ) and Sola ( Koutougou ). In Benin, they live mainly in the Atakora Province.

It consists of about 27% a lexical accordance with Moba to 25 % Ditammari and 47% with Ngangam.