Young Stribling

Young Stribling, also: Young Stribbling ( born December 26, 1904 in Bainbridge, Georgia when William Lawrence Stribling Jr., † October 3, 1933 at Macon ) was an American boxer.


Originally from a wealthy family Stribling in 1921 with 16 years professional. In the early years of his career he boxed in the spring, light, medium and heavyweight and won several regional titles there.

On 4 October 1923 he boxed under chaotic circumstances to the world title at light heavyweight against Mike McTigue. McTigue said later that he was forced at gunpoint to fight, even though he had a broken hand. Stribling was initially declared the winner, later the result was converted by the referee in a draw.

1924 was subject Stribling Jimmy Slattery, but then defeated McTigue in a non-title fight, as well as Tommy Loughran. Towards the later world champion Paul Berlenbach he boxed a draw. The following year, he struck three times then Jack Delaney, and in a renewed battle Tommy Loughran and Johnny risk.

In 1926 he succeeded in revenge against Slattery, after which he was allowed to fight for the world title again on 10 June 1926. Title holder was now Paul Berlenbach, against whom he lost in this encounter over 15 rounds on points.

Then get him victories against Battling Levinsky and Maxie Rosenbloom, but in the third compared with Loughran was defeated in May 1927.

Since 1928, he punched in the heavyweight division, the highest Gewichtwsklasse in professional boxing. In 1929 he was defeated by eventual champion Jack Sharkey. He also fought twice against Primo Carnera, the later it should be possible also to win the world title. Stribling lost the first fight against Carnera by disqualification in the fourth round, but won the rematch also by direct disqualification. However, it is assumed that both duels have been manipulated.

On 3 July 1931, he called out Max Schmeling to the World Heavyweight Championship. Schmeling won by technical knockout in the fifteenth round. It was the only knockout loss in Striblings career.

In his last fight he defeated in September 1933 again Maxie Rosenbloom. A little later he died after a road accident at the age of 28 years.

Stribling was induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.