Primo Carnera

Primo Carnera ( born October 26, 1906 in Sequals, Italy, † June 29, 1967 ibid ) was an Italian boxer. He was from June 29, 1933 to June 14, 1934 world champion in the heavyweight division.

His first professional fight denied Carnera, who was exceptionally large and bulky with 2.05 m height and austrainiert about 120 kg fighting weight for that time, on 12 September 1928 in Paris against Leon Sebilo and won by knockout in the second round.

The world title won Carnera in New York, in the fight against Jack Sharkey by knockout in round 6 He lost the title less than a year later in Long Iceland (NY ) against Max Baer by knockout in the 11th round.

His last fight, he played as a catcher in May 1961 in New York.

In the film The Boxer and the lady he played the opponent Max Baer, ​​which the later world championship match was first " discharged " in Hollywood. Also in other films such as Prince Valiant ( 1954), Carnera was seen regularly from 1933 to 1957.

Even in comic Carnera made ​​his career: from July 1953 appeared to May 1954 at the Walter Lehning Verlag, Hannover, with a total of 46 books of 20 Pfennig per issue the ( originally from Italy) Piccolo series ' Carnera ', from today even two reprints are published ( Melzer Verlag, Hethke publisher). Was published in 1954 as a major band at Lehning a piccolo special issue (No. 3) 60 Pfennig with the title ' Carnera BOXTRAILER ARISING BY ', which has now been reprinted by Hethke.

At Walt Disney, there was a boxing cat named Creamo Catnera ( German about: Kloppo Black Katz).