Maxie Rosenbloom

Max Everitt " Slapsie Maxie " Rosenbloom ( born 1 November 1907 in Leonard 's Bridge, Connecticut, † March 6, 1976 in South Pasadena, California ) was an American boxer and actor.


Rosenbloom got his nickname " Slapsie Maxie " by a journalist due to its often open while fighting hands. In 1930 he defeated Jimmy Slattery the heavyweight title of the NYSAC. He was also regarded as the undisputed world champion. After two title defenses, he met Lou Scozza 1932 on, he struck after 15 rounds by points. 1933 won Rosenblum with a win over Bob Godwin also the title of the National Boxing Association ( NBA. In the same year he lost two non-title fights against John Henry Lewis and one against Young Stribling. In November 1933, won Rosenbloom against Mickey Walker officially the world title at light heavyweight. Already in the following year, however, he lost the title back to Bob Olin. Rosenbloom now moved to the heavyweight and fought until 1939 on., the heavyweight title of the State of California should remain his only title in this weight class.


Rosenbloom was always much in motion, hit short series and combinations, and then take off again by the enemy. It was very hard to hit him hard and clear and therefore his fights often went over the entire scheduled number of laps.


1937 Rose Bloom landed a role in a Hollywood film offered, which he accepted. In subsequent years, he was cast as an actor in radio, TV and cinema again and again on rollers as a comic, big, clumsy but lovable guy. Rosenbloom played in more than 100 films, including Those Nothing is sacred, fear of death at every dawn and Mr. Moto and betting fraud. 1943 opened Rosenbloom two Commedyclubs named " Slapsy Maxie's " in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Private life

Rosenbloom quickly became part of the New York night life and was known as a player and womanizer. In 1937 he married the psychologist Muriel Faider. The marriage lasted eight years and had no children. 1958 published Rosenbloom his autobiography under the title Fifty Years at Ringside. With age, it was his health getting worse and he suffered from Paget's disease. He died in 1976 at the age of 71 years in South Pasadena. Rose Blooms grave is located at Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in the North Hollywood.