Mickey Walker (boxer)

Mickey Walker ( born July 13, 1901 in Elizabeth (New Jersey), † April 28, 1981 in Freehold ) was an American boxer.

Walker started boxing in 1919, he was a classic attack Boxer (Pressure Fighter ), the non-stop struck at his opponent. In 1922, he was a points victory over Jack Britton welterweight champion. In 1925 he called for the middleweight legend Harry Greb, who boxed a very similar style, in this class out, but had no chance and lost the fight on points.

He then defended his welterweight title twice until he lost him in May 1926 to Peter Latzo.

Seven months later, however, he suggested Grebs slayer Tiger Flowers in a controversial decision and was middleweight world champion.

1929 and 1933 he strove for the light heavyweight title, losing to Tommy Loughran and Maxie Rosenbloom each on points. In 1931, he fought even against the eventual heavyweight champion Jack Sharkey in a draw, in 1932 he hit the heavyweight Paolino Uzcudun, but lost by KO against Max Schmeling.

1935 finally ended his career Walker. In 1990, he was inducted into the " International Boxing Hall of Fame".