Yuan Shu

Yuan Shu (Chinese袁术/袁术, Pinyin Yuan Shu, * 155, † 199), style name Gonlu (公路) was a major warlord during the late Eastern Han Dynasty, who achieved great prominence in the collapse of the imperial court in 189. He was a younger half-brother of Yuan Shao.

After the death of He Jin he killed with his troops (he was an Imperial Corps Commander of the Imperial Guard Tiger ) the eunuchs who had fled straight from the capital. Later he participated in the coalition against Dong Zhuo, led by Yuan Shao. After the dissolution of the coalition, he fell out with Yuan Shao.

Yuan Shu fled after repeated defeats against Cao Cao and Yuan Shao after Shouchun. He declared himself 195 by virtue of the Imperial Jadesiegels, which he had received from Sun Ce, for the short-lived Emperor Cheng Dynasty. This daring deed made ​​him hated by the other warlords. His extravagant lifestyle and his arrogance were deserting many of his officers, and Sun Ce. After a crushing defeat by the armies of Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Lu Bu Yuan Shu tried to flee north to Yuan Shao, but he fell ill and died before he could reach his half-brother.

Yuan Shu († 199 ) | Yuan Shao († 202 ) | Yuan Tan ( † 205 ) | Yuan Xi († 207 ) | Yuan Shang († 207)

  • Military person (China)
  • Kaiser ( China)
  • The Three Kingdoms period
  • Born 155
  • Died 199
  • Man