Yuba River

USGS map of the catchment area of the Yuba River

The Yuba goldfields lie along the Yuba River in the northwest of Yuba City (bottom left)

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The Yuba River is a river in California. It is a major tributary of the Feather River, which flows, in turn, in the Sacramento River.

The river has several strongly branching headwater streams that extend far into the Sierra Nevada. The northern branch begins at the plateau at Gold Lake and feeds the New Bullards Bar Reservoir, a reservoir in Clamptonville in Oak Valley, which is completed by the New Bullards Bar Dam. The middle branch begins at the Jackson Meadows Reservoir, also a reservoir. He united just below the New Bullards Dam to the northern tributary. A tunnel branches off some of the water from above the confluence and speisst the reservoir.

The southern branch starts at Lake Spaulding, a reservoir. Together they flow through the fourth large reservoir within the commuting area, the Englebright Reservoir. From there, the river flows in an easterly direction through the Yuba Gold Fields, which were particularly important during the Gold Rush in California. It flows into the Feather River in Yuba City.

The Yuba was probably of early Spanish or Mexican expedition participants so called, who have found wild grapes. The name is an alternate spelling and many of the Spanish word, which means grape. Perhaps the name comes also from an Indian settlement at today's Yuba City, which was called " Youboom " (pronounced " Yubum ").

A waterfall on the South Yuba at South Yuba River State Park

A covered bridge on the South Yuba River

State Highway 49 crosses the South Yuba River