Yvert et Tellier

Yvert et Tellier is a stamp dealer and a philatelic publishing company that was founded in 1895 in Amiens in northern France, where the company's headquarters is still located. The company logo, consisting of a circle with a snowflake and a lächenden sun, refers to a pun on the company name that sounds like: hiver, été liés ( " Winter, Summer together ").

Eugène Yvert founded the company in 1831 as a newspaper publisher. The shift towards philately was completed in 1895 by his grandson Louis Yvert and Tellier Théodule his boss printer. Today the company is still guided by the Yvert family.


The main product of the company are its stamp catalogs for those countries, which are often collected by French philatelists: France, Andorra, Monaco and the former French colonies with their successor states. In France Yvert et Tellier heard next Cérès and Dallay to the most important philatelic catalogs.

Based on an ancient collaboration between Louis Yvert and Théodore Champion publish the monthly magazine Ancienne Maison Théodore Champion on stamps from around the world.

The Yvert catalog, just as " Yvert & Tellier " is - as the Michel catalog in Germany, the Scott catalog in the U.S. and the Stanley Gibbons catalog in the UK - a catalog with international directory width. It includes, today with color illustrations, stamps from all countries that are numbered within the countries and with value information. The catalogs for non-European countries are set up alphabetically by country name, whereas Michel catalogs are organized by geographic area.


Formation and development

In the 1890s in Amiens was the printing of the Yvert family owned by Louis Yvert, the grandson of the founder, and its pressure head Théodule Tellier. After the early death of Louis ' father Tellier kept the company still alive. Louis did not want to take responsibility for his father's newspaper, L' Echo de la Somme. Thanks Tellier, a philatelist, who has already brought out the philatelic magazine called L' Echo de la timbrologie, he discovered the stamp collecting for themselves.

1895 Yvert and Tellier began to bring out philatelic literature. In November 1896 they released a stamp catalog with worldwide coverage and brought out a stamp album. Unlike other catalogs on the market that changed their numbering with newly discovered brands and over again, Yvert and Tellier put their catalog a logical numbering system to reason, which proved to be very successful and the catalog secured wide recognition.

From 1900 Yvert et Tellier worked with Théodore Champion, who dealt with stamps from around the world. He put fixed prices for the stamps, which he sold in his action. After Champions death in 1955 Pierre Yvert bought with his brother Ladislas and Alexandre Varga Champions company and led them away. So they could continue to exert influence on the sales and catalog prices.

In April 1913 sold Tellier, due to the death of his grandson, his share to Louis Yvert, who maintained the company name Yvert et Tellier in memory of their common friendship.

During the 1920s and 1930s, his two sons and his son gradually went into the company. Henri was responsible for the printing and his brother Pierre took over the responsibility for the magazine L' Echo de la timbrologie. Jean Gervais took care of the publisher.

The grandson of Pierre Yvert and Jean Gervais run the company since the 1990s on.

Recent Developments

In 2001, the Dallay catalog, which had a major impact in the area appeared. There are great pictures and information that was not included in the Yvert et Tellier catalog such as the name of the stamp artist, Initial Issue Date, duration of use, etc. Yvert now fighting on two fronts. The stamp numbering system was successfully defended and there was a free CD -ROM out with her French catalog. The numbering system was Yvert after a legal battle ready resell them to other publishers.

In June 2006, published Yvert et Tellier a new catalog for French postage stamps, as a cheaper paperback edition contained only pictures and prices of brands and thus the catalog of Cérès, the second major philatelic publisher in France corresponded.

Pedigree of the Yvert family

The Yvert printing and publishing Yvert et Tellier was mostly in the hands of the Yvert family. The pedigree lists those family members who led the company since the 19th century.

Eugène Yvert ( circa 1794-1878 ), journalist, founder of the printing plant in Amiens. │ └ ─ ─ > Yvert Henry ( died 1885), owner of the company from 1870, also a journalist.       │       └ ─ ─ > Louis Yvert (1866-1950), founding partner of Yvert et Tellier catalog with Théodule Tellier.            │            ├ ─ ─ > Henri Yvert ( died 1956), manager of the print shop.            │            │            ├ ─ ─ > Jeanne Yvert            │ married Jean Gervais ( died 1974), a physician, was then manager of the Yvert et Tellier publisher.            │ │            │ └ ─ ─ > Jacques Gervais, Chief Executive Officer of Yvert et Tellier.            │ │            │ └ ─ ─ > Benoit Gervais, succeeded his father in 1993.            │            └ ─ ─ > Pierre Yvert (1900-1964), manager of L' Echo de la timbrologie Magazine.                 │                 └ ─ ─ > Jean Yvert, succeeded his father and manager of the print shop.                      │                      └ ─ ─ > Christophe Yvert, manager of the print shop. swell

  • Yvert et Tellier. Cent ans d' histoire. Yvert et Tellier, this book Amiens, France in 1996. Was issued to mark the centenary of the company, and contained the history of the company.