• Oliver Reed: Russ McNeil
  • Geraldine Chaplin: Carol McNeil
  • Don Gordon: George Borden
  • Diane Cilento: Edna Borden
  • David Markham: Dr. Herrick
  • Sheila Reid: Dr. Mary Herrick
  • Aubrey Woods: Dr. Mallory
  • Bill Nagy: President
  • Eugene Blue: Baby Shop seller
  • Belinda Donkin: Baby Shop seller
  • Birgitte Federspiel: psychiatrist
  • Birgitte Frigast: Nurse
  • Dale Robinson: guard

Births prohibited ( Alternative title ZPG - The Earth dies, original title ZPG ) is a British science fiction film directed by Michael Campus in 1972, which belongs to the category of dystopian science fiction. He addresses the problem of overpopulation and its potential environmental and social impacts. The abbreviation Z.P.G. the original English and German alternative title is available for the English word order Zero Population Growth (Eng. " zero population growth ").


In the 21st century, man has destroyed the environment. Fauna and flora are almost completely gone, pollutes the oceans and the outdoor living is possible because of air pollution only with the help of respirators. Overpopulation denotes the planet. In order to solve the problems associated with that world government decreed a ban birth for the next 30 years. Women who are already pregnant must have an abortion. Violations of the decree are punishable by the death penalty. In order to still pretend couples the illusion of an orderly and happy family life, so-called baby shops, speaking children dolls can be bought in special stores.

Russ McNeil and his wife Carol can not and will not accept this illusory world, they finally have a child. Since both the constant danger are aware that the child may be discovered McNeil hidden in the sewers directly beneath the execution place an inflatable boat, with which they will flee. The child is discovered by their neighbors and causes these feelings of envy. You want to share the child with them. As McNeil does not go along it, they are denounced by their neighbors and sentenced to death.

At the place of execution to an airtight cover over McNeil, his wife and the baby that is to stifle the three cuts. McNeil succeeds but, to carve with a chisel a way into the ground to the point where he had previously hidden the dinghy. Through the sewers they escape and end up on the open sea to a sandy beach.


Births prohibited launched on April 7, 1972 in San Francisco, USA. The film was not shown in Germany in theaters, but first aired on April 7, 1979 TV and 1983 as ZPG - published The earth dies on video.


" Average science fiction film whose director overtaxed the possibilities of the topic squander. "

" The craft in places not so badly made strip loses much of its impact, by which specializes in neurotic inner Geraldine Chaplin shows in endless close-ups as a suffering mother, and tore festival goers out to maintain Heiterkeitsausbrüchen when Oliver Reed in all seriousness preparing, with a chisel to drill a tunnel through a road surface. "

"Here a weak film was made from a burning topical issue unfortunately tinkered who does not arouse, but sometimes even has its lengths. "