ZDFinfo is a television station and part of the digital program offer of the ZDF. He went 5 September 2011 out of the ZDFinfokanal which commenced broadcasting on 27 August 1997.

The program is broadcast nationwide via the cable TV network (DVB -C) and the Astra satellite (DVB -S). In all regions ZDFinfo is also to receive terrestrial DVB- T and in some DSL providers IPTV program. In addition, the channel with the free program Zattoo over the Internet can be received.

On April 30, 2012 ZDFinfo HD launched. So far, however, the transmitter is technically not able at all to broadcast HD content, so that only the SD program is scaled up.


The afternoon program of ZDFinfo includes various documentations. So the shipments Hitec and Modern Marvels are available to bis 14:00 clock 15:15 clock under the name info aired knowledge; follows at 15:15 clock in the rule named info expedition a documentary series. From 16:00 clock bis 17:00 clock reports from the ZDF series 37 ° or ZDF.reportage be sent; it is followed by multi-part documentary soap operas.

At 17:45 clock, the row is life style of ZDFinfokanals continued, with reporting by some cities has been extended. From 18:00 clock bis 18:45 clock close under the name info direct short documentaries, which are devoted to current topics. This is followed by the quarter -hour program WISO plus joins, which - similar to the ZDF program WISO - dedicated service issues. Following the broadcast, the main issue of the daily news at 19:00 clock often followed by reports from the series life style and various documentaries.

The prime time begins with the airing of documentaries or the repetition of ZDF magazines from the previous day (eg WISO or Frontal21 ). Thursdays: broadcasting the magazine Europe Europe plus about 20:45 clock. At 21:00 clock followed by two historical documentaries, which often come from the series ZDF History. Following the broadcast of a report from the ranks of 37 ° or ZDF.reportage the repetition of the now -journals at 23:00 clock and a ZDF magazine from the previous evening or the broadcast of a documentary at 23:30 clock follows.

The program on Wednesday is different from the other days. Thus, the program is broadcast plus today following the news, can express their opinion to the previous day broadcast and ask questions in the audience. This is followed, in general, the broadcast of a new episode of the program ZDFzoom, which can be seen in the ZDF until later in the evening. Furthermore, the interactive discussion program log is broadcast in at 21:00 clock. This is followed by a historical documentation as well as the broadcast of the electrical reporter joins; a further report before heute-journal is omitted.

In the night program repetitions are sent the day before. The show hello Germany is taken from ZDF and repeated at 02:30 clock. The morning and afternoon program consists also largely of repetitions of the previous days. An exception is the broadcast of a report from the transmission lines 37 ° or ZDF.reportage at 12:00 clock and broadcast my info at 12:30 clock in which the most clicked videos ZDFmediathek be shown. Similar to the transmission place at 20:15 clock, repetitions of ZDF magazines yesterday or documentation will be sent at 13:00 clock.

Special features in the Saturday program are broadcasting the series WISO plus XXL ( repetitions of the first four WISO plus episodes from Monday to Thursday), the continuation of the series 30 years ago (from the floor ZDF archive), the broadcasting of the series info XXL Expedition ( repetition of the first four episodes of the documentary series from the division info expedition of the previous days ) and the broadcast of the series info XXL dedicated to documentaries and reports with a specific topic. The evening program on Saturday consists of historical documentation; a special feature represents the repetition of today -show at 22:30 clock

On Sunday morning, more documentation will be broadcast to be merged, partly under the term info XXL knowledge. Furthermore, the current outputs of the two ZDF programs Länderspiegel and Maybrit Illner at 12:00 clock and 13:00 clock are repeated. The rest of the program consists of various documentaries that address particular in the afternoon and evening program historical topics. At midnight life in the series style XXL repeated episodes of the series from the previous week.

On all days of the week the shipment is today about 100 sec aired in hourly intervals. On holidays departing from above transmission scheme; it will be broadcast documentaries and documentary series.

Special programs

Chance of reported infokanal on the main program of the ZDF also continuous in special broadcasts live from major events. For example, the transfer of the memorial service for Michael Jackson's death in the notification channel was continued. On the occasion of the revolution in Egypt, 2011, the live program of the TV channel al -Arabiya aired with German commentary on the info channel. Even the massive earthquake in Japan in 2011 there were those special broadcasts under the title ZDF info special, was where the live program of the Japanese international broadcaster NHK World TV and NHK of Japan translated and annotated.

Sports broadcasts

Since the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens ARD and ZDF use their digital programs tagesschau24, Eins Festival, ZDFneo and ZDFinfo to additionally report of the Olympic Games can. This possibility has been used since 2008 for the Football World Cup and the European Football Championships in order to transmit simultaneous games can. With the World Swimming Championships in 2009 and the European Swimming Championships 2010 competitions were broadcast live on the info channel in the water jump. From the World Equestrian Games in 2010 around 14 hours of live transmission were sent.

Station logos

CBS logo ZDFinfokanal until September 5, 2011

Current logo

Logo of ZDFinfo HD since April 30, 2012