The television ZDFneo ( the spelling zdf_neo place exclusively in the logo use ) has replaced the ZDFdokukanal on 1 November 2009. He sees himself as a public program alternative for 25 - to 49 - year-old. It is led since 2012 by Simone Emmelius.

During the ZDFdokukanal of 2004 only cost 4.9 million euros by 2008, the ZDF for ZDFneo was 2009-2012 93.6 million euros.


ZDFneo is a mix of real-life " factual entertainment " formats (meaning " factual conversation " ), service programs, documentaries, reports, Late Night and personality shows, quiz, docu-soaps, movies, international sale of series and comedies. ZDFneo Thus would like to offer as an attractive public-sector alternative for the younger audience, said the press release.

According to the ZDF program director and former ZDFneo - manager Norbert Himmler " ZDFneo is aimed at an audience of viewers who expect more from television than they get right now." The transmitter could be found in all genres that ZDFneo was different from commercial television.

Claim of ZDFneo was to make intelligent and entertaining television for people aged 25 to 49 years, says the channel boss Simone Emmelius.

ZDFneo sees itself as a platform for innovation for the ZDF, and will give new talent a chance. An example of this is the TVLab that was sent for the first time in 2011: one week every night aired another new show idea. The online viewers could decide what they wanted them to see the future in the program. Winner of TVLabs 2011 was Tedros "Teddy" Teclebrhan who has become known for his integration test on YouTube. His mission Teddy's show ran since May 2012 in the program of ZDFneo. Due to the great response the TVLab in 2012 went back to the start.

Since April 30, 2012 ZDFneo is broadcast in HD 720p. Due to the not yet fully executed in HDTV broadcasting infrastructure in Mainz Lerchenberg However, this is at the transmitted 720p signal to "artificial HD", so continue to the SD signal (576i ) of ZDFneo, which in the signal path before only by the Encoding or satellite uplink looped HD Scaler ( upconverter ) is upscaled into an HD 720p signal ( see also ZDFinfo ).

Program scheme

In the morning ZDFneo shows on weekdays mostly nature, travel or knowledge formats such as Jimmy's Food Factory or Throw Out - foreign check, as well as documentaries such as Terra X. In the afternoon, among other things, purchase series such as The Nanny or hard run but cordial. In the so-called " access prime time " ZDFneo shows from 18 clock cult series like Star Trek and the specially produced pub quiz. The prime time starts at 20.15 clock. Mondays and Wednesdays run television films and series such as Inspector Barnaby purchase, Hustle - dishonesty is the best policy, Spooks - In sight of the MI5 or Mad Men Tuesdays ZDFneo shows in prime time national and international feature films. Thursday sends ZDFneo evening productions as Bambule, a city magazine with Sarah Kuttner. Friday shows ZDFneo again in the evening buying series and TV movies. On the night of documentation are sent mainly.

On the weekend run in ZDFneo nature, travel, or knowledge formats, comedy and factual entertainment, evening fictional series and television and feature films.

Other innovations of ZDFneo are reportage series such as Mr. Eppert looking for ... and wild Germany.

ZDFneo has several award-winning series shown in German Original Air Date or free TV premiere, such as 30 Rock, Mad Men, Six Feet Under - Died forever. In a newly edited version of Star Trek image can be seen.

Audience acceptance

On average ZDFneo achieved a market share of 0.7 % among all viewers, and 0.6% in the target group of 14 - to 49 -year-olds. In the digital market ZDFneo comes to 1.1 % for all viewers. The most successful day of ZDFneo since launch was January 28, 2013 with 1.6 % market share. On December 5, 2012 ZDFneo reached with the film " Wilsberg: Presumed Innocent ," a new transmission record with 2.9 % market share in terms of total audience. On January 28, 2013 ZDFneo reached more than a million viewers for the first time. With the episode " All in red " of the British series Midsomer Murders was achieved with a total of 1.17 million viewers and a market share of 4.8 percent.



Even before the first showing criticized German private broadcasters, the project of ZDF. They accused the Mainz sender to wanting an " undifferentiated family youth music entertainment channel " which is located at 25 - to 49 -year-old targeted audience. ZDF program director Thomas Bellut criticized for its part, the private channels and throws them " misinformation and speculation " before. So be straight at the instigation of private channels program schedules have been narrowed down to a digital specialty channel.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper refers to the introduction of ZDFneo as " necessary and honorable attempt " and praises that the transmitter is less quota- oriented. However, he warned you, " the existence of a specific program in a younger, middle discerning audience not as an excuse [ ... ] use that to make the main program even more streamlined and can grow old slowly out of convenience with the audience ."